Cappy's Dry Rub
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"Cappy's Dry Rub"
 is a group of amazing products that have been developed from old family recipes.There are currently four varieties which are: the 'Original', 'Salt Free', 'Spicy' and 'Mild/Fruit & Vegetable'. Each one is fantastic on all meats, poultry, seafood and wild game, whether the food is being grilled, smoked, sauteed or baked. They are also the perfect flavor enhancement for roasted and steamed vegetables or in soups and sauces. The 'Mild/Fruit & Vegetable', in addition to all these attributes, gives a savory touch when sprinkled on raw fruits such as avocado, melon, mango,or stone fruits and also adds additional zest to all types of salads. "Cappy's Dry Rub" can be used as an everyday seasoning when it is added to foods just before cooking or can be allowed to marinade up to overnight for a more intense depth of flavor. 

Because "Cappy's" is made from nothing but a blend of natural dehydrated herbs and spices including sea salt, it meets the dietary needs of vegetarians, vegans and anyone who is generally health conscious. It contains no gluten, MSG, sugar or soy. It also has no animal products or anti-clotting agents and is Non-GMO.

Besides it's delicious flavor,the versatility of "Cappy's Dry Rub" separates it from all other rubs and spices. It is no longer necessary to fill your cabinets with seasonings that are made for one specific
purpose. Each variety of "Cappy's" is fantastic on everything. Don't deprive yourself and your family any longer.